Journey to Cesky Krumlov

Journey to Cesky Krumlov

The best way to explain Cesky Krumlov is to simply show you.

Cesky Krumlov is a 3-hour bus ride from Prague and totally worth the trip. When we were planning, I read a lot about people doing day trips to Cesky Krumlov. Trust me, once you get there you will NOT want to leave the same day. It is absolutely worth it to stay overnight – we stayed 3 nights and I still wasn’t quite ready to leave.

Our first afternoon there we went to The Two Mary’s restaurant located right on the river. I tried hot cinnamon mead and immediately got hooked – it’s so good! We returned the next night and just sat and played cards for a couple hours and drank more mead – both cinnamon and almond flavored. I think I’ll have to learn how to make it when we get back to the states.

We spent one afternoon just wandering around the castle, which dates back to 1240. It’s free to explore the castle grounds and gardens, but you have to pay to go up to the top of the tower. It was by far the best views of town, plus you get to see the castle dungeon on your way up!

Castle dungeon

Honestly there’s not a ton of activities to keep you busy in Cesky Krumlov since it’s so small. But I was perfectly happy just wandering the cobblestone streets, taking photos, and enjoying the views. One afternoon we went to the local brewery – Eggenberg brewery.

FUN FACT: in 1622, the House of Eggenberg acquired the Cesky Krumlov castle and brewery following the death of all the male inheritors of the House of Rosenberg. The House of Eggenberg held the dominion until 1717, at which time the last male inheritor died, and then the family – House of Schwarzenberg – that acquired dominion kept up the brewery. In 1940, the brewery, along with all of Schwarzenberg’s Czech properties, was seized by Nazi Germany due to Adolph Schwarzenberg’s well-known and passionate anti-Nazi stance. Immediately following the war, his lawyer filed an appeal against the confiscation of his properties. That appeal remains pending today.

Cesky Krumlov does have rafting and kayaking on the river and we saw a number of groups doing that each day, although I thought it was a bit too cold already for that. One thing I’m sad we missed out on is the rotating auditorium in the castle gardens. The seating is arranged on a big circular platform that rotates around, and they do shows over the summer – ballet, theater, opera. We missed it by one week! If I’m ever back in CK, I’ll make sure it’s in the summer so I can go to a show there.

If you want to see more photos from CK, just click HERE.

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